Classics in Dermatology
John Updike on Psoriasis: At War With my Skin, From the Journal of a Leper

Robert Jackson

Updike, John. At War with my Skin. Chapter 2 in Self-Consciousness. New York, Knopf. 1989, pp 42–72.1 Ibid. From the Journal of a Leper. New Yorker. July 17, 1976, 28–33. 2


Background: In recent years patients have become more involved in the impact, description, diagnosis, and management of their own disease.
Objective: This article will briefly record the personal observations of John Updike, a highly regarded, perceptive twentieth-century American writer, on how moderately severe psoriasis has affected his life and also his thoughts about his disease and its treatment.
Conclusion: Updike’s description of his psoriasis gives a valid insight into a patient’s view of psoriasis.


Antécédents : Depuis quelques années, les patients participent plus activement à la description, au diagnostic et à la gestion de leurs maladies et de l’incidence de ces dernières.
Objectifs :
Résumer les observations personnelles de John Updike, auteur américain du XXe siècle perspicace et très considéré, sur l’inci-dence qu’a sur sa vie un psoriasis moyennement grave et rapporter ses réflexions sur la maladie et son traitement.
Conclusion : La description de John Updike permet une compréhension valable des perceptions que peuvent avoir les patients de cette mal-adie.

Received 03/24/99. Accepted for publication 05/11/99.

Emeritus Professor Medicine, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada

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